I had talked about losing weight and getting back into shape for years. Every year was “the year” I was going to drop 20 pounds. Then on Christmas I found a Living Social certificate in my stocking for a six week total body challenge. Ok, so I wasn’t exactly excited about it. The thought of getting up for a 5:30 a.m. “boot camp” didn’t fill me with joy. And it was probably going to be filled with serious athletes who would scoff at my attempts to keep up. And weren’t boot camps where they whip young men 20 years my junior into shape? How could I expect to make it through one of those?So I decided I would try it for one day. My wife had paid money for it after all, I could at least see what it was like. If it was as difficult as I thought then I wouldn’t go back. I said that every weekday for about two weeks. After 3 months of it I had my wife join me. I’ve been going for almost seven months at this point.The classes are great (don’t interpret great as easy). Jeremy does a good job of keeping the “veterans” working hard while not making it too overwhelming for the newbies. The people are friendly, and no one is just ripping through the exercises like it’s no big deal. The exercises vary daily and Jeremy does a good job of not using any one exercise too often. You definitely aren’t going to come into a class thinking you are going to do the “same ol’ stuff” you did last time.