sheilaI had not had a regular workout routine in over 8 years until I joined Torched Fitness. I signed up for the 21 day program and 22 months later I still love it. My original goal when I joined was to get back into shape, but I never imagined it would be so much more.

    As a working mom and also having been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 14 years ago, taking more responsibility for my health needed to be one of my top priorities. I not only have lost weight, but my muscle tone, strength and overall health has dramatically improved.

    I have maintained a weight loss of around 10 lbs, but offset by my muscle gain and the way my clothes now fit I am more than happy with my results.

    My goal this year is to loose another 10 lbs. I know it’s possible with my consistent workouts and altering my eating habits. Based on what I’ve learned from Jeremy, his newsletters and joining his 6-week challenge I now have the best nutritional and fitness advice for being the healthiest I’ve ever been. Hello, black dress, I’ve missed you!

    Sheila Miranda