We had talked about getting back in shape and losing some weight for years. I literally had not worked out since before I was pregnant with our oldest back in 2006. On a whim I bought a Living Social deal for a six week Total Body Challenge and put it in my husband’s Christmas stocking. Oh the look on his face! It was worth the cost just for that right there.He had several legitimate worries, so we had an agreement – just try it and if he didn’t like it, he could stop. Six weeks later he didn’t want to stop.In April he asked me to do a six week challenge as a birthday gift. Boy did we ever raise the bar on romantic gifts this year. After a few days my body was freaking out. I was sore. Everywhere. I gained a new appreciation for the expression “bone tired,” and I was so hungry. Here is a painful gift of Torched Fitness, you learn where you are weak and then Jeremy diligently starts making your weaknesses into new strength. I learned that I was eating too little real food, relying on sugar and caffeine to get me through. I thought I was active “enough” and in shape “enough” from walks to the park and chasing around two young boys. But I couldn’t even do a push-up. I could hardly hold myself in a plank position. A Russian-Twist – forget about it.From Day 1 of the six week challenge Jeremy was encouraging and upbeat. So long as you tried and did the exercises as long as you could he was your biggest cheerleader. The atmosphere in the classes is positive and challenging. I think that rather than breeding competition, we are building camaraderie and friendship. And at the end of my six week challenge I was stronger, I had more energy, I felt great and it has been completely worth it. If I can do this, so can you.

    I was collegiate athlete and now spend my days helping people recover from their injuries as a healthcare professional. You would make the assumption that fitness would come easy to me. However it proved to be just the opposite. My days are often long and stress filled; worrying about my patients, the daily grind of healthcare and staying in front of the paperwork forming mountains around me. Needless to say…… I often put myself last. I kept telling myself tomorrow… tomorrow will be the day that I start doing something for me; I felt like a broken record…. Tomorrow…. No tomorrow…..Finally I did it; with some encouragement from a close friend I decided to check out STL Torched Fitness. From the very start I found it awesome that there was someone out there that was willing to get up long before the sun comes up to help others work towards their fitness goals. With a schedule like mine the 5:30 boot camp worked perfectly for both my husband and I. From day one I knew this was something that was going to be perfect for me. Jeremy is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to ALL areas of fitness. He took the time to address my personal needs and makes it feel like it is almost a personal training session each day. Every day is a new challenge; pushing myself further than I ever dreamed of going. I can now do exercises that I never dreamed I would be able to. Not to mention I am almost 15 pounds lighter and 2 sizes smaller. I would highly recommend Jeremy and STL Torched Fitness to anyone and everyone; no matter where your starting point is Jeremy will help you achieve your goals!!