karen-greerAs far back as I can remember, I have been overweight. I was always teased by the kids at school, ridiculed on the bus, etc. My parents did everything that they could to help me lose weight, but to no avail. I felt as though there was something “wrong” with me that would not “allow” me to lose weight. I simply could not stick to a “diet,” no matter how hard I tried.
    Around 1998, I joined weight watchers and the local gym. I started off weighing 306lbs. I was faithful, watched what I ate, and exercised almost daily. I took classes at the gym, both step aerobics and a weight lifting class. On those days where there were no classes, I used the elliptical or the treadmill. The weight began coming off. It took about two years, but I finally reached my goal weight of 150lbs….and immediately became pregnant. After giving birth, I once again lost weight and probably got back down to about 160lbs. Two and a half years later, I had my second son. Through both pregnancies, I exercised and managed to not exceed 200lbs.
    Fast forward about five years and life got in the way. I got a divorce. The gym that I went to slowly started phasing out their classes and then finally closed. Although I joined a new gym, they did not offer the classes and therefore I only did cardio workouts. For some reason, I have a mental block on doing weight lifting on my own. I was now a single mom with two young boys. Anytime the boys said that they did not want to go to the kids’ club at the gym, we stayed home. Slowly but surely the weight began creeping back on.
    In September of 2014, I had the gastric sleeve surgery. The day of surgery, 9/14/2014, I weighed 318 lbs. This surgery is in no way a miracle cure. It is simply yet another tool for weight loss. I once again began losing weight, and after about a year, I rejoined a gym. Once again I would find myself doing the cardio workouts and not the weight training. I tried everything-going with friends, telling myself to “just do it”, personal trainers (and a lot of money), and even downloading apps on my phone to tell me exactly what to do. Nothing helped me. I was stuck at about 205lbs. In my mind I knew that I needed to add the weights into my routine, but I just “couldn’t” make myself do it.
    I was scrolling through Facebook one day in November of 2016 when I came across the ad for Torched Fitness. I knew that a friend of mine had been going and I thought, “What they heck, why not check it out?” Twenty one days for $47? That’s not a lot of money to lose if I hate it and never go back! I told my friend that I had signed up and she said that she would meet me there THE NEXT DAY!!! Oh my goodness! What had I gotten myself into???
    We met at Torched Fitness at 5pm on a Wednesday. I was nervous. Would I be able to do the workout? Would everyone be looking at me? Did I even know proper form? Was the trainer going to be like a drill sergeant? What if I wanted to walk out right in the middle? What was this going to be like?
    Let me tell you. This was NOT what I had anticipated. Jeremy was so helpful, taking time to show me what I needed to be doing, never judging me if I could not fully do the move. Can’t do it? Let’s modify it for now. Too much? Take a little break. I looked around the room. Nobody was watching me! Everyone was doing their OWN workout and guess what? They were having FUN!!!! I could not even believe it! I had finally found a place for me!
    I began going at 5am the very next morning. I wanted to make sure that nothing (life) would get in my way. I have children. I have two jobs. I have other things to do. During the course of a day, I can come up with at least five excuses why I “can’t” go workout after work. But 5am? That’s MY time!!!
    I started at Torched Fitness November 30, 2016. Since then, I have missed TWO days…but there have been days where I have gone twice! Jeremy recently added in Saturdays, so now I attend six days per week. I absolutely LOVE it!
    Friends have watched my progress via Facebook, they’ve seen how much I love it and they have now followed me there…..EVEN getting up and working out at 5am.
    In March, Jeremy offered the “Six Week Challenge.” This challenge is not about who can lose the most weight, but who can transform their body the most. I considered joining, but wasn’t sure this was for me. What REALLY got me to join the challenge was the accountability. Not only do you come and workout, but if you join the challenge, you get an actual meal plan AND someone to check your food journals to help you along the way. Perfect!!!
    Six weeks later, guess what? I was down 8lbs and 17 ½ inches! WHOAH! Look at all those inches GONE!!!
    Although the weight loss is slow at this point, I am continuing to get smaller and stronger! I continue to get compliments almost daily! This amazes me. When trying to “get in shape” or “improve our health” or whatever you want to call it, the first thing people think about is the scale. That’s just the easiest way to measure progress, right? I mean it’s right there! Just step on up! Although I still weigh myself (too often), I am learning to focus LESS on those numbers and MORE on how I feel. I can not only FEEL muscles, I can SEE them. People are noticing the change! There was a point in my life when I would go up AND down steps one step a time, like a child just learning to walk. Now? Now I run up and down them. In fact, I spend EXTRA time at Torched in the morning running up and down the steps! I like to make sure I get 20 flights per day.
    Is this easy? Absolutely not. By the third day of boot camp, I was pretty sure I had pulled something and would need medical attention. Turns out I was just feeling muscles that hadn’t been used in a LONG time. Does boot camp get old? Same boring routine? Nope. Jeremy mixes it up and it’s always something new. I have made some great friends at Torched and honestly can’t imagine my life without it.

    Karen Greer