carmiWhen I was asked to write my story, I was surprised. Who would want to read about my success?? While I am proud of where I am, I do not tell anyone unless I am asked. Although I am very passionate about what I have done, I am not one who likes to be in the spotlight.

    I am the youngest of 5 children. I am the only one who has fought obesity my entire life. I remember that with every year of age, my size went with that year. All my friends were skinny, so of course when they polished off a Party Pizza, so did I. I remember being teased during my school years about being fat and remember looking back on pictures thinking, “dang, I looked good” and “wish I was that size now”. I have lost and gained weight, roller coastered my whole life. Who hasn’t? I have had every gym membership from Elaine Powers to Club Fitness. I’ve done every diet from Herbal Life to Adkins to Weight Watchers. When I plateau, I quit. When I quit, I gained back the weight I lost and then some. I have topped out at 235 pounds. This was, by far, my heaviest I have ever been in my whole life. I work two jobs, one being in a restaurant, which wasn’t helping with my weight loss journey.

    I decided to go back to weight watchers. Prior to joining, I lost 10 pounds. This is good! I like Weight Watchers because they teach you to eat in moderation, with that I knew I also needed to exercise. I joined Club Fitness and started attending Zumba, Turbo Kick, and Butts and Guts classes. The weight began falling off and boy was I feeling good. Now, I just had to keep it going. Pretty much all last year I have been fighting with the same 20 pounds. I also noticed that I am “softer” or “flabbier” then before. I decided to try personal training. 4 sessions for $90. The sessions were okay, didn’t learn anything at all. Then STICKER SHOCK!! $1800 FOR 6 MONTHS, 3 X’S PER WEEK, 30 MINUTE SESSIONS!!! WHAT???? No thank you!!! Back to my classes.

    I had been noticing a friend posting about this boot camp she was doing. I was proud of her going every day, 5am. Good for her, because, sadly, it could never be me. I never inquired, but looked for her post every morning. I wondered how does she survive? Boot Camp is sooo hard! Strenuous!! I’m so impressed! Then one day I clicked on the link. This place is in Affton?? How do I live here my whole life and not know of this?? Still let it slide. The aggravation of failing eating away at me the whole time. Then, finally, in February, I reached out to my friend, honestly scared would invite me there. Which she did. I emailed Torched Fitness with very vague questions and he said we will talk when you come in. I went in for a trial the next evening. I was already hooked! I signed up 21-day boot camp and started at 5 am the next morning! Within the first 6 weeks I lost 7 pounds and 7 ½ inches. Me! The person who most certainly could not work out at 5 am every morning is actually doing it!! I love my workouts! I feel so strong! I know I am healthier than ever! When I first started, I could not do a burpee or and up/down plank, now I can do BOTH! I noticed the other day I am starting to get muscle definition in my arms! My non-scale victories outweigh my weight loss victories by far. I am actually excited to go see my doctor for my yearly check up in a couple of weeks.

    Torched Fitness has changed my attitude and health in so many ways. The price is right. I signed up for 18 months so I am committed! The workout can be catered to your specific needs. The guidance of the trainers is uplifting and not demeaning. One thing I told Jeremy when I went there is that I don’t like seeing trainers working one on one with someone and they show no interest in their client. I get that they aren’t going to give them 100% of their attention, but don’t make me feel like I am not important to you, especially when I am paying for this service. Jeremy and his trainers are not this way at all! The small group sessions that Torched Fitness offers gives you that group workout feel with a trainer always accessible. We encourage each other all the way through. We push each other to try harder and do not allow each other to give up. He offers morning and afternoon/evening sessions. When I must miss the morning session I can go after work. This first time I went in the evening, I started my work out alone, and the other people asked me to join them. How nice is that? You don’t know me and invited me to join you. Torched Fitness is a Gym Family! I will be changing the A in FAT to an I and I WILL BE FIT AND 50 THIS YEAR! This is a promise to myself!!